Reggae Hill offers visitors to the island
the ultimate Jamaican experience.

Ocho Rios

The lush grounds and park of Reggae Hill are filled with an abundance of colorful native plants and trees. Padded chairs are scattered throughout the property - along the riverbank, under the almond trees, and in the soft green grass - where you can recline and experience real Jamaican culture through its special hospitality and reggae music.
A cool flowing river of clear spring water meanders through the property, at one point forming a small swimming hole where you can wade and sunbathe.
After a relaxing swim cast yourself in a comfortable chair where a warm and friendly hostess will attend every need. Enjoy our chef’s special creation, distinctive works of food art that change according to season, such as mahi-mahi tartare, jerk chicken spring rolls with mango chutney, and chef’s signature dessert, chocolate raison cream fudge cake. Colorful champagne cocktails, exotic rum drinks, strawberry guava punch, watermelon lemonade, and organic juices compliment the delightful cuisine.
As you dine and laze, the soft and wonderful rhythms of the reggae band and/or DJ will lure you to gently sway and move to the beat. A dynamic cast of joyful dancers and entertainers will perform throughout the day, pirouetting, spinning, and leaping in tempo, their sunny smiles, beaming face and cheerful deposition infectious. Further relaxation awaits in a massage bed set amongst the abundant gardens on the edge of the river. Stretch out your limbs and let the soothing sound of the flowing water and soft hands of our professional masseuse ease your mind and body.
Specialty high quality souvenirs, t-shirts, and logo products are available to bring home as gifts for loved ones or treasured memories to reminisce on your visit.
Reggae Hill, lifted from a dream, is truly a treasure just waiting for you to discover.


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